Welcome To Reliant Anchor Logistics Ltd.

Reliant anchor logistics is a company that provides services related to marine logistics and fendering operations, it is a company that specializes in providing logistics that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • shipping services,
  • security and safety support services,
  • STS Co-ordination (fendering services),
  • Bunker supply,
  • third party haulage services,
  • marine boat hire,
  • barge operation,
  • chandelling services,
  • vessel tank cleaning and marine ancillary services to ships,
  • port authorities,
  • shipyards,
  • dry dock,
  • ship owners and,
  • offshore engineering projects.

To provide the best quality and innovative logistics services that will make the maritime industry a safer and cost-efficient industry.


To be the leading marine services provider in the maritime industry.




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